Weekly Full Cleaning

poolnetThis service is ideal for pools that are unscreened  and for pools that are screened and need a little extra attention.   With this service we clean the filter when needed, brush the tile, brush the walls, clean baskets, vacuum when necessary, clean the surface debris, check the water chemistry and inspect pool equipment.

Every Other Week Full Cleaning w/ Chemical Service in between

poolbrushThis service is typically for screened in pools.  The pool is cleaned every other week with the same standards as weekly full cleaning, and for the weeks in between the full cleaning we do a chemical check on the pool and make sure everything is running properly.  This service is designed to save the cost of unneeded cleaning due to the cover and protection offered by screen enclosures.

Weekly Chemical and Filter Service

chlorine tabletThis service is ideal for pools that have automatic pool cleaners or the homeowner does not mind doing the cleaning of the pool.  With this service we come out weekly and test the water chemistry, empty all baskets and cleaner bag, clean the filter when necessary and inspect the pool equipment.

Green Pool Cleanups

pool vacIf your pool is green and you need someone to help get it back to crystal clear again, we are the ones to call.  We have done numerous pool cleanups from black to green or even just a little cloudy we have seen it all.  Please call or email for an at home estimate to clear your pool back up.

Vacation Service

filtercleanAre you going away for vacation and don’t want to take a chance of the pool turning green while you are gone?  Then give us a call and we will maintain it for you while are gone.  Let us take care of that worry for you and any unforeseen surprise when you get back.

Pool School

pool vacuumIf you want to maintain the pool on your own and just have a few questions about how to do so, just give us a call.  We will be glad to come to your house and go over the steps to maintain your pool.  We will go over how to clean the pool, filter cleaning, water chemistry and any other question that you might have.